Licenses/Fees/Fines. Covers any license costs, penalties, fees or fines you might encounter through any government agency with your dog.


Title 11 Agriculture, Livestock and Other Animals Chapter 31 Dogs and Cats Chapter 31 Dogs and Cats Notes Article 2. Licensing; Rabies Control Districts- 11-31-211. Property rights in unlicensed dog or cat; no right of action for destruction.

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174.055_ Exemption of dogs for blind, deaf and mobility-impaired. Every dog specially trained to lead blind or deaf persons or to provide support for mobility-impaired persons is exempt from the dog license tax and every person owning such a dog shall receive annually a free dog license from the local collecting officer upon application.

174.065_ Collection. [of Tax]

174.07 Dog licenses and collar tags.

7-7-6d. Collection of head tax on dogs; duties of assessor and sheriff; registration of dogs; disposition of head tax; taxes on dogs not collected by assessor.