Hue Grant

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Ron Sturgeon

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Rita M. Rice

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Kerri Cook

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Stacie Kyle

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Carol Hallows

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Ellen Cox

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Nicole Gill-Ottinger

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Cynthia A. Smith

Gayle Lukas

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Michelle Farnum

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Stephanie Grogan

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Felissa Elfenbein

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Paula Cooper

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Jay Morales

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Terri Marks, DVM

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Barbara Marlow

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Jana Harris

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Beth Palmer

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Kim Colacchio

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Shari Wolfe

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Suzanne Smith

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Dr. Rebecca Ewing

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Judy Morgan, DVM, CVA, CVCP, CVFT

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Barbara Clifton

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Susan Schrade

Accepting Applications For:

  • Vice President – Director
  • Director of PR
  • Director of Dog Health / Welfare (Falling under Medical)
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